Rental Policy – Please note, that if you pay for the dumpster rental service, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

*Dumpsters are only for the following Kansas City, MO, Saint Joseph MO, along with cities in Platte County, Buchanan County, Andrew County, Clinton County, Clay County, Jackson County, Dekalb County, Doniphan County, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County, Atchison County and Johnson County, depending on distance there may be an additional fuel charge for the mileage.


  1. Customer is responsible for all damages and debris loaded into the container, be sure that whoever is loading the container is aware of this agreement*


2.The cost of the dumpster does not include prices of city and county permits.


  1. Removal Fee:Delivery and Removal is included in the dumpster cost (Please See Rental Term line 8)


  1. Extra Days: Extra day charges may be as little as $25 per day, or significantly more. Check with the Hook N Haul Dumpsters. 


  1. Overflow Fee: Any debris not beneath the Maximum Fill Line on an open top dumpster may incur this charge of $150.00 or dumpster may not be taken until debris is removed and filled to the appropriate level.

    6. Overload Fee: Loads above the Maximum Capacity Weight of a roll-off dumpster are fined for each additional ton. If your dumpster is more than the tonnage given with it there will be an additional cost of $70.00 dollars a ton. 


  1. We are not responsible for damage to customer’s driveways, yards, or sidewalks.


  1. Rental Term: If you need your dumpster picked up before the rental term is up, please call or text (816) 800-2993. Please note that you only get one haul off with this contract.  The billing cycle starts over again if you have more to dump – this is called a dumpster “switch-out” or “dump return”, please call for pricing. We highly recommend calling or texting us at 816-800-2993 at least 24-hours before you need your dumpster picked up. Otherwise, we will pick up on the day arranged. Property owner and or contractor assumes all liability of any potential damages related to delivery and pick up of dumpster.
  2. What You CAN Dump: Household/ Office Furniture such as Beds, Mattresses, Living room furniture etc, Building materials such as wood, vinyl, flooring, windows, doors, carpet, drywall, household trash (We prefer household trash be in bags to keep debri from coming out of dumpsters). Contact us with any questions about materials not listed 816-800-2993  Note: Appliances cannot be loaded as they must be recycled at a separate location. Please place these items to the side of the container and notify our staff, we can make arrangements to have these materials loaded and recycled properly.


  1. ALL LOADS will be weighed and screened by a recycling center/landfill employee, any overages/unpermitted items will be identified!*


What You CANNOT Dump: An additional fee may be applied if these listed items are found:

Oils or Fuels of any type


Appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator etc)

Wet paint cans and sprays

Propane tanks

Flammable liquids


Hazardous materials & chemicals ( Bleach, Weed Spray etc)


Biohazards and/or dead animals

If you have any of these items and wish to dispose of them, please ask us the best way to do so as we may be able to make arrangements to still take them.


  1. Other Things to Avoid extra fees: 


Please no graffiti on the dumpster – subject to additional fee based on severity of damages. 

Filling the dumpster above the top rim – we have to tarp it – so evenly fill the dumpster. Anything above the rim will be taken out of the dumpster prior to picking it up. Fees for doing so may apply. 


  1. Blocking the dumpster with other vehicles, locked gate, trailers, etc.- subject to dry run fee $125

Attempting to move the dumpster yourself – subject to $100-$150 fee. 

Denting or damaging the dumpster in any way- subject to cost of damages. Interior paint scratches are normal. Holes or dents are not. 


⚠️ WARNING: If dumping heavy materials such as concrete, shingles, tile etc only fill dumpster 3/4 full – A Charge of $70 per ton is the additional disposal fee if 2 tons (4,000 total pounds) is exceeded.


  1. Driveways and Parking Areas: Customer warrants that any access/location provided for our dumpster’s equipment is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment and vehicles required to perform the service.  We shall not be responsible for any damage to pavement or driveway or any accompanying sub-surface or any route reasonably necessary, including but not limited to gravel or dirt driveways or yard, to perform the services herein contracted.  In addition, we shall not be responsible for any damage to lawns, shrubbery, fences, sub-terrain systems including pipes or septic systems.  Customer assumes all liabilities for damage to pavement or roads, lawns, fences, mailboxes, basketball goals, and shrubbery.


  1. Please Note: Cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to your drop off date to receive a full refund. If a customer cancels within that 24 hour time period they will only be refunded the disposal fee of 2 tons. (rate dependent upon nearest dispose centers charge)


  1. If you incur extra charges these charges will be deducted from your payment method you used to rent the dumpsters.



  1. We are proud to support and follow hazardous waste precautions. Environmental safety is important to us. Batteries, asbestos, harmful chemicals, flammable liquids and more are considered environmental hazards and should not go in any dumpster. You will be asked to remove these items if you put them in a rented dumpster. Hazardous materials are classified differently by country, state, county and city. Be familiar with, or ask one of our team members, what is acceptable in your area’s recycling centers and landfills. Additional fees may be charged for some materials. Be clear and up-front on what you will be putting into a dumpster to ensure you will not be penalized for hazardous content. Importantly, make sure that disposal of any haul-off from your jobsite goes only to certified recycling centers and landfills. That’s how every load is handled by Waste Management, America’s largest waste services provider.